Have BT Mobile? Watch out for those hidden text charges...

So today is the day that I get my BT Mobile bill and in general I am very happy with the service never have any issues and get a strong 4G signal (unfortunately I only get a 4G signal from 3 at the end of my street :( ). I get a lot for my measly payment each month but today I saw 2 MMS charges that they charge at 40p a time to each number.

Now I thought this was suspicious so I checked the numbers to who they had notified me of who these messages were sent to I then checked the message to the date and time they were sent found the message and saw that I had sent a text only message to 2 people.

I decided to ring BT and query it and after waiting a moment or two a very nice gentleman called Lance and after telling him my query and that the message was to 2 people but was only text I was quite shocked to be told that he thought it was because I sent a text message to 2 people??? but he would check and would come back to me. I was put on hold for a few seconds and when he came back he advised me that "If you send a text message to more than one person and it contains any of these: More than 160 characters of text an emoji or smiley face it maybe converted to an MMS message of which you are charged 40p per recipient. Now i wasn't aware of this so I did get the charges refunded but he did say if it happen again then I will have to pay them.

Now I dont mind companies charging if it costs them money but considering BT's profits and how much line rental they charge because you have to have a land line (unless you can get Virgin Cable which I cant ) but surely this falls into the category of money for old rope?

Now I cant remember any other Mobile phone company that does these charges but if they do let me know below.


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