Honstek H5 sweatproof bluetooth in-ear headphones

Today I received my Honstek H5 bluetooth 4.1 in-ear headphones.

The first thing you see when you remove the packaging is a minimalist square box with the Honstek Logo embossed onto the top lid.

Upon opening the box you are greeted with the headphones encased into a foam type protector rather than the cheap packaging you see with a lot of cheaper headphones from the likes of some manufacturers. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that someone has thought out the design of the minimalist packaging as well as the headphones themselves as well as making sure the end product looks good to the buyer.

Once you have taken the headphones out you then take out the cardboard tray that the headphones sit on to show a very small micro usb lead a plastic bag with another 2 sizes of rubber ear cups (1 set is already on the headphones themselves) an instruction booklet, warranty card and a card with their contact details on.

The headphones themselves are very easy to pair just hold the MFB (multi function button) for 3 seconds till you see H5 in your bluetooth settings and then click on pair and thats it. To charge the headphones they have cleverly put the charging port on the underside of the right hand side earphone so you cannot see it.

Now I do have to say these headphones do not feel cheap or look cheap at all I have several pairs of in-ear type headphones and I think these are the most solid built out of all of them (including Apples ear buds).

When I listened to music through these headphones I had to remind myself these are not £30, £50 or even £100 headphones these headphones cost a staggering £16.99 from Amazon.

I listened to several different types of music through these and there was plenty of bass however the treble whilst very good was not quite there yet and also they may not be as loud as some would like (I like to listen to music not be deafened by it), but you have to expect while these headphones are very good these are not Bose, Sennheiser etc, I certainly think at their price point the H5’s are most definitely punching above their weight interms of not just the sound quality but also the build quality.

You cannot go wrong with these headphones for the money you pay however I suspect some people will be expecting expensive headphones which is not going to happen. You certainly get more than your monies worth with them and for anyone needing a cheap pair of in-ear headphones buy these as you just cannot go wrong.

Some specs from their website to close off with.

Here is the direct link on Amazon UK and for all my friends across the pond in the US Amazon.com.

Join their Facebook page here Honstek Fans

And to see their full range of products just hop over to Honstek.com


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