Unable to upgrade firmware BTT SKR Mini E2 V3 (Resolved)

I purchased my 2nd skr Mini v3 for another project as very simple to install and upgrade. Unfortunately this time around it wasn’t so simple. The firmware would not flash what so ever which had me a little puzzled. As you can see from the image below the onboard SD Card was not being seen whatsoever.

Onboard SD Reader missing from the screen.

After doing a little Googling I did not find a definitive answer but I did find a couple of leads. Too keep this post from becoming long and drawn out I did the following.

I connected my raspberry pi running Octoprint so I could run the terminal and ran the M21 command to make sure that the SD card reader could be seen and that wasn’t the weak link. (You could also connect the printer to the pc and use pronterface or any app where you can connect via a terminal).

I then did the following simple steps and managed to flash the firmware.

  • Pushed the micro card all the way in till you hear the first click and the card cannot go any further.
  • Gently release the card a couple of millimeters but do not back off to the 2nd click.
  • While keeping the card held in power on your printer.
  • After about 20 or 30 seconds you can then release the card and the firmware should have flashed.
  • Click on print and you should now be able to see the onboard sd card like below.
SD Card Menu

Now while this may not work for everyone it may help some to help flash the firmware.

3D Printing is fun

So I have been dabbling with my 2 3d printers I currently have my first is an Anycubic Mega I3 and the 2nd is an Ender 3 Pro. The Creality ender 3 pro is probably the biggest selling of affordable printing.

However there are upsides and downsides to all 3d printers and the biggest 2 for the ender 3 for me is the horrid and cheap hot end where the PTFE feeding tube all the way to the nozzle which for me is an awful solution the other is their version of an ultra base glass bed which is well just crap.

I have been having a lot of fun though and I have done a few upgrades to the ender 3 including a bltouch for levelling the bed to make a life easier, I replaced the main board to a Big Tree Tech E3 V2 32 bit board and I added their TFT35 touch screen rather than using a knob.

Overall I am happy with them and it’s amazing how many things you find to print including prints for upgrading your printer to coffee coasters. Anyway I will leave a few pictures below.

Raspberry Pi Coaster
TFT Touch Screen