Since I have got into smart home products and arduino based projects I have been buying from 2 main Chinese sites and Aliexpress. I use banggood mainly for stuff that I want quicker and Aliexpress for some things I dont along with old reliable Ebay.

While Banggood is not always the cheapest they do have some really good deals and they have a very good faster delivery option that normally only costs around another £1 (depending on what you are buying) and arrives within 7-9 days and can be fully tracked. One of these orders is what this post is about.

I was browsing Banggood one day and noticed a rather good deal on the Digoo DG-C3 Colour Weather Station it was down to around £5 from £15 and being a gadget minded person purchased it thinking I would get it on the faster shipping option, unfortunately as soon as I pressed the pay button I noticed I forgot I had changed from the upto 20 day option to the faster 7-9 days. Not a problem so I thought I will contact customer service get them to cancel it as I had just placed the order and then re-order it. Any other company would have done it but not Banggood that is money and they dont want to give it back. I spent 5 minutes after placing the order waiting to speak to CS on live chat. I eventually got through to Terri who advised that they could not cancel the order as it had been placed for a while (yes a whole 5 minutes!!!) and maybe instead buy another and give the other one away.

I felt utterley frustrated that something as simple as this that any western company would have done in a heartbeat they did not want to do. I then got an update email to say it had been packaged 28 hours later!!!!

When I checked my order history the other day when an item that I had ordered the day before the weather station arrived I thought great that should be here in a day or 2 and saw that it had an expected delivery date by the 29/3. I contacted CS again today (31/3) as it had not arrived and spoke to Martin (LOL) transcript of the conversation is below.

If you need something quickly from Banggood double check your order and make sure you have selected the correct shipping if you dont need it quick check Aliexpress out as you get much better cusomer service and 9/10 they are much cheaper if you can wait for them but they also have faster shipping options as well.

I have become far less forgiving now that I am in my 50's than I would have been in my 30's or maybe I have just become a contankerous old git instead 🤣.

I doubt it will ever get to a manager so will just leave it here instead as I had to aske several times who i can complain too 😉.

Martin Sat, 03/30/19 07:21:19 am Europe/London
Hello. Thank you for contacting customer service. And how may I assist you today?

purcha3e 07:21:19 am
Hi I ordered Digoo weather station but this has still not arrived. I did speak to terri as I wanted to cancel the order and then reorder with the faster shipping time but she was not helpful and told me to buy another instead. When can i expect to receive this item?

Martin 07:22:13 am
Could you please tell me your order number? I will check the status for you.

purcha3e 07:22:47 am

Martin 07:23:37 am
I am checking for you now, please kindly wait for a moment.
Your product was shipped on 09-03-2019 and I request you to kindly wait for sometime as your shipment is in transit and will deliver to you shortly.

purcha3e 07:26:19 am
this had an expected delivery date of the 29/3 and has now changed to the 4/7 and I also noticed that it did not ship for another day after I spoke to Terri so how can i put in a complaint regarding her? and what do you call sometime?

Martin 07:27:50 am
I can understand your situation and your feelings but you don't worry, we will try our level best to deliver the product as fast as possible.

purcha3e 07:28:02 am
that is not what I asked
please answer my questions

Martin 07:30:51 am
The estimated date of delivery is 7-20 business days.

purcha3e 07:31:03 am
correct we are past that
and who do I make a complaint too?

Martin 07:31:48 am
The estimated delivery time is 07-20 business days.
Business days refer to working days, which don't include weekends and public holidays. Your order is currently in transit, so I hope you will receive it as soon as possible.
The estimated delivery time counts when your order is shipped.

purcha3e 07:33:41 am
still not answered my questionsand we would not be having this conversation if Terri had cancelled the order and i re ordered with the faster tracked shipping> I contacted support less than a minute after placing the order and she gave me an answer which was very unhelpful so HOW DO I MAKE A COMPLAINT?

Martin 07:36:19 am
We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the assistance you received from us. Unfortunately, our manager is not working right now. If you want to contact our manager, could you please send an email by the following link?
We will transfer your message to our manager and use your feedback to improve our service. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

You rated our customer service as bad
07:36:37 am

After I tweeted this out on Twitter Banggood responded

However that was short lived as I got a a DM from them after they had looked at the order this was the reply,

Dear John Atkinson,  We are glad to help you checking some details of your order.  Your order 62714192 was shipped on March 08,2019. Its shipping method is Standard Shipping, which is a shipping method without a tracking number. Its estimated delivery time is 7-35 business days, which do not include public holidays and weekends. Could you please wait until then?  Your parcel is now still in transit. Its delivery might be delayed due to unavoidable situations, like slower customs clearance procedure or poor weather conditions.   If you can not receive it within our shipping time, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in solving this issue even though this shipping method has no tracking number.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Best regards

This also contradicts their own website that says 7-20 days. Not sure what will happen but will raise a dispute with paypal as i am just fed up with dealing with them.